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Revolving Loan SEFA Amount
By: Mark Watson | January 10, 2024
I am auditing the Intermediary Relending Program, ALN 10.767, and it is a revolving loan program. M... (continue reading)
revised reports
By: Christopher King | May 22, 2024
If an audit was timely filed with the Clearinghouse, but a subsequent revision was identified that i... (continue reading)
Client's existing UEI not recognized at FAC
By: Anonymous | February 26, 2024
Client's UEI has not changed from last year, but I know verification method changed and FAC no longe... (continue reading)
Data Collection Form Submission History report
By: Jeremy Pond | February 3, 2024

We have completed some work to better associate data collection form submis... (continue reading)
Standard Allowance under CSLFRF
By: CINDY BRYAN | January 30, 2024

We are auditing several municipalities which received Coronavirus State and Lo... (continue reading)
Hi everyone,

Do you know where to find training for a MDO /non profit for the Rural M... (continue reading)
Hi everyone,
The feature on our website to search for financial statements that have a partic... (continue reading)
Auditor Certification
By: Jesse Glazier | December 4, 2023
Hello single audit community!

I have read the other posts relating to the FAC website... (continue reading)
GSA data collection form website
By: Jeremy Pond | October 9, 2023
Hi everyone,
The new federal audit clearinghouse website,, has been live for about a ... (continue reading)
Single Audit filing extensions
By: Anonymous | September 5, 2023
Is there any process to request an extension of the filing of an organization's Single Audit from th... (continue reading)
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