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From GASB's website

The GASB staff has received correspondence from numerous state an... (contunue reading)

I was wondering if you can please provide a sample of a note disclosure for th... (contunue reading)
Delay in FACs data collection form submissions
By: Jeremy Pond | January 9, 2020
I have had several audit firms ask about data collection form submissions they have submitted around... (contunue reading)
SARC's membership forum is back online.
By: Jeremy Pond | September 22, 2019
Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that our forum was down for maintenance recently. I... (contunue reading)
2019 compliance supplement
By: Jeremy Pond | April 29, 2019
Hi Everyone,

I emailed the OMB last week to check on the status of the 2019 complianc... (contunue reading)
Low Risk Auditee Assessment
By: Valerie Shaw | April 8, 2019
Hello all,

I work for a firm that does local education agency audits throughout Calif... (contunue reading)
This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

I am planning on perfor... (contunue reading)
We understand that GAGAS is usually triggered through contract, law, regulations or other authoritat... (contunue reading)
California Medi-Cal funds
By: Anonymous | November 29, 2018

• Uniform Guidance Section 200.502 indicates that Medicaid payments to a sub-recipient fo... (contunue reading)
Sample Sizes
By: Chad Gorfido | November 15, 2018
• The sample size tables included in the AICPA Audit and Accounting Guides are based on 0 expecte... (contunue reading)
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