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Is there a procurement exception for specialized professional services like drug rehabilitation or o... (contunue reading)
By: Don Tilton | September 8, 2020
Is the Sparks funding considered federal aid subject to the Single Audit?
Accounting for PPP Loans
By: | September 8, 2020
Non-profit, single audit client received PPP funds prior to its June 30, 2020 year-end. Revenue comp... (contunue reading)
Will the SARC be preparing a redline version for the changes made to Student Financial Aid cluster i... (contunue reading)
2020 compliance supplement has been released
By: Jeremy Pond | August 18, 2020
The 2020 compliance supplement was just published online. We will be updating our website with the r... (contunue reading)
2020 Compliance Supplement
By: Quint Martin | August 18, 2020
Can anyone tell me when the website will update for the 2020 Compliance Supplement? As of 8/18/2020... (contunue reading)
Plante Moran is hosting a 1 hour CPE event on July 15, 2020 called: How COVID-19 funding impacts you... (contunue reading)
The GAQC has prepared the following summary of information about federal programs that have been est... (contunue reading)
It has been a long time coming. The data collection form history report we send out monthly for audi... (contunue reading)
Last month the White House issued a memorandum discussing administrative relief for certain complian... (contunue reading)
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