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2021 compliance supplement updates
By: Jeremy Pond | April 22, 2022
OMB recently released a technical update to the compliance supplement for program 93.498 Provider Re... (continue reading)
Single audit or program specific
By: Anonymous | April 12, 2022
Hi our client has 2 different streams of food income - one id from the Child Nutrition Cluster and t... (continue reading)
My client thought he could have a program specific audit, as their funds came through the... (continue reading)
Auditor Selection
By: Anonymous | March 18, 2022
Looking for a policy to establish the timing for soliciting an audit firm to conduct annual audit. O... (continue reading)
For profit entities, including hospitals, with single audits are required to file a Data Collection ... (continue reading)
Assistance Listing - new name
By: Patricia Kaufman | February 21, 2022
I was reading information related to the PRF funds this morning and came across information that the... (continue reading)
PPP loans / forgiveness
By: Anonymous | February 26, 2022
Is there a CFDA number associated with PPP loan/ forgiveness
Any help is apprec... (continue reading)
Restaurant Revitalization Funds
By: Anonymous | February 9, 2022
Good morning--

Has anyone completed a Single Audit or program specific audit for a cl... (continue reading)
Non-GAS Financial Audit Scenario
By: Anonymous | February 5, 2022
If an NFP entity is required to have a single audit due to receipt of federal funds in excess of $75... (continue reading)
I have an entity with federal expenditures that exceed the single audit threshold of $750,000 only d... (continue reading)
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