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Board Compensation
By: Dan Cavanaugh | February 3, 2023
Had a small public housing agency that gave each board member a $25 gift card over the holidays. I ... (continue reading)
A client board commissioned a special audit this audit resulted in a aprocurement finding. However, ... (continue reading)
Picked up new client that is a discreetly presented component unit of a local municipality. Not sure... (continue reading)
Single Audit not performed by prior auditor
By: Anonymous | September 29, 2022
I have a new SA client. The prior auditor passed away. Looking at the previous year's audit, it shou... (continue reading)
RFP for Audit and Related Services - NCJFCJ 2022
By: Trudy Dulong | August 26, 2022
Good Afternoon, my name is Trudy Dulong and I am the Director of Finance for a nonprofit organizatio... (continue reading)
Hi everyone,
We have updated our system to switch membership accounts from being maintained a... (continue reading)
The AICPA is presenting its annual compliance supplement and single audit update webinar next week o... (continue reading)
2022 compliance supplement published
By: Jeremy Pond | May 13, 2022
OMB has recently released the 2022 compliance supplement. You can download it at:

(continue reading)
2021 compliance supplement updates
By: Jeremy Pond | April 22, 2022
OMB recently released a technical update to the compliance supplement for program 93.498 Provider Re... (continue reading)
Single audit or program specific
By: Anonymous | April 12, 2022
Hi our client has 2 different streams of food income - one id from the Child Nutrition Cluster and t... (continue reading)
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