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New Staff Training Suggestions
By: Courtnie Anderson | July 18, 2018
Hello all!
I am looking for a webinar or class training specifically in Single Audit for my n... (contunue reading)
missing CFDA numbers
By: Melissa Gilroy | July 13, 2018
I am working with a client that has many grants of federal funds, both direct and pass through. For... (contunue reading)
Percentage of coverage
By: Anonymous | July 10, 2018
This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

I am having a debate wi... (contunue reading)
By: Anonymous | July 9, 2018
This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

How are the small firms... (contunue reading)
Congratulations SARC award recipients!
By: Jeremy Pond | July 3, 2018
Please join me in congratulating the audit firms who have received SARC's Award for Excellence in Kn... (contunue reading)
SARC Award for Excellence
By: Jeremy Pond | June 27, 2018
Hi everyone,

SARC has recently launched an award program that recognizes audit firms ... (contunue reading)
Low Risk Auditee for major program - type A
By: Melissa Gilroy | June 26, 2018
I am auditing a new single audit client. They have been audited under single audit guidance in pre... (contunue reading)

Is anyone willing to share their (redacted) internal control documents as refl... (contunue reading)
I was wondering if anyone has heard about what HUD may be doing with the REAC statements related to ... (contunue reading)
2018 compliance supplement
By: Jeremy Pond | May 28, 2018
Hi everyone,
The OMB has released the 2018 compliance supplement, and is available on SingleA... (contunue reading)
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