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I was wondering if anyone has heard about what HUD may be doing with the REAC statements related to ... (contunue reading)
2018 compliance supplement
By: Jeremy Pond | May 28, 2018
Hi everyone,
The OMB has released the 2018 compliance supplement, and is available on SingleA... (contunue reading)
CAFR Prep software
By: Jeremy Pond | April 13, 2018
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone use a CAFR prep software? We are evaluating Wdesk from Worki... (contunue reading)
Industry news
By: Jeremy Pond | March 31, 2018
Hi everyone,

Here are some updates on happenings in the industry. The AICPA Governmen... (contunue reading)
If you recently tried to use our advanced search tool to find and download financial statements of o... (contunue reading)
Introduce myself
By: Paul Neuhoff | January 31, 2018
Please introduce yourself to the group and share a little bit about your organization so we can get ... (contunue reading)
Does anyone have experience working with, or could otherwise recommend, a consultant to help an orga... (contunue reading)
Determination of the Cognizant Agency
By: Jacob Rumery | December 12, 2017

My organization is getting ready to apply for an indirect rate for the first t... (contunue reading)
Good evening.

I am about to begin the audit of a hud section 202 project that has ref... (contunue reading)
Cluster or not?
By: Melissa Gilroy | November 3, 2017
I am working with a CPA firm to try to help them determine if they are working with a "cluster" prog... (contunue reading)
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