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Cluster or not?
By: Melissa Gilroy | November 3, 2017
I am working with a CPA firm to try to help them determine if they are working with a "cluster" prog... (contunue reading)
We have a NPO subject to Single audit with multiple federal programs. An LLC was recently formed wit... (contunue reading)
New alerts tool
By: Jeremy Pond | October 20, 2017
Hi Everyone,

We have recently developed a new tool that will allow members receive a ... (contunue reading)
SEFA/FAC Filing Questions
By: Anonymous | September 29, 2017
This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

Some background... (contunue reading)
Uniform Guidance FAQs
By: Jeremy Pond | August 26, 2017
Last month, the Chief Financial Officers Council published a Uniform Guidance frequently asked quest... (contunue reading)
Consolidated SEFA Schedule
By: Anonymous | August 24, 2017
This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

I have a calendar year ... (contunue reading)
2017 compliance supplement issued
By: Jeremy Pond | August 17, 2017
The OMB has issued the 2017 compliance supplement. We have a copy of it on our website at the link b... (contunue reading)
We have a SEFA that is about 1.3 million. We have one type A program that meets all the general cri... (contunue reading)
Password reset tool update
By: Jeremy Pond | August 4, 2017
The password reset tool was updated this morning. Users who have a mobile number associated with th... (contunue reading)
Financial Statement Library
By: Jeremy Pond | August 3, 2017
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to take a break from the June 30th year end NPO... (contunue reading)
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